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April Newsletter

April Newsletter
What the Patriots Can Teach Us About Investing & Other DLFG Highlights

In honor of Coach Belichick and the Patriots unheralded run of success, we wanted to highlight some great lessons that they can teach us about investing:

Ignore the noise:

The Pats do a great job of ignoring the media and controversy that they try to create. The sky is always falling, yet the Pats have shown a long-term history of success. The same is true in the investment markets. We term it Headline Risk - see this video from DFA. There is always something to be concerned about. In the media, fear and drama sell, whether it’s about the Presidency, Gronk’s retirement prospects, Y2K, or the latest TB12 drama. How many football teams would have made it through ‘Deflategate’ and won the Super Bowl? One. 

Be positive and move forward:

“On to Cincinnati,” said Bill after an opening day loss to the Chiefs, sending a clear message that there is no use in crying over spilled milk. Markets decline -20% or more once every three years and last 338 days on average. Staying positive, and believing in the opportunities available to long-term investors will let you move forward with confidence in your overall Financial Plan. Surrendering to negative emotions during a time of market (or team) turmoil is bad for your portfolio and your health.

Chemo Caps Drop Off/ Website Updates

Special thanks to the Dennis-Yarmouth Charitable Knitting Group for knitting over 50 Chemo caps. We were happy to be a small part of the process and delivered them to the right people at Dana Farber Children’s Cancer Center.    We made a bunch of updates to our website! Check out the new Welcome Video on our Home page (Blooper reel to be released in 2019!) and some of our recent events at the Our Community Page. 

Tax Tips and I360

You can access your most up-to-date tax forms in Investor360 24 hours/day. Click on “Statements and Tabs,” then “Tax Reporting” for your most up-to-date tax forms. You’ll also notice that your Account Statements are all logged in this area as well. If you need help, Shannon can walk you through the Investor360 system. This Investor360 video is great if you want to learn more about our online system’s capabilities, including Paperless Preferences.

Wait to File!- Just another reminder to wait as long as you can to file your taxes in case any corrected tax forms get issued. 

We hope you have a great start to Spring!

Dennis, Rich & Shannon