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April Newsletter

What the Patriots Can Teach Us About Investing & Other DLFG Highlights

April Newsletter
As New Englanders continue to pick themselves up after a tough Super Bowl loss, they are awakened by some pendulum swings in the stock market.

In honor of Coach Belichick and the Patriots unheralded run of success, we wanted to highlight some great lessons that they can teach us about investing:

Ignore the noise:

The Pats do a great job of ignoring the media and controversy that they try to create. The sky is always falling, yet the Pats have shown a long-term history of success. The same is true in the investment markets. We term it Headline Risk - see this video from DFA. There is always something to be concerned about. In the media, fear and drama sell, whether it’s about the Presidency, Gronk’s retirement prospects, Y2K, or the latest TB12 drama. How many football teams would have made it through ‘Deflategate’ and won the Super Bowl? One. 


January Newsletter

2018 Semiannual Newsletter: Your Life. Your Community. Your Plan.

January Newsletter
It seems impossible for us to find the right words to express our appreciation for our clients and friends. From your support of our charitable endeavors to the long-term, business relationships we enjoy with many of you, thank you!

Our work is fun and extremely gratifying. Each passing year seems better than the last. Thanks for your commitment to our firm’s process and philosophies. Special thanks to the CPAs, Attorneys, and friends that introduced new people to the firm. We welcomed many “nearly-retired” couples, retirees, and closely-held businesses to the firm in 2017. To better and more efficiently serve you, we continue to evolve. Here are some recent updates that are worth sharing:

    1. We adopted the “Wealthguide” system to serve as our one-stop shop for anything relevant to your business or personal situation, such as your Estate Plan, Income Plan, Investment Policy, Workplace Benefits, etc. We track and review 30+ areas of your situation to make sure your goals are met in a variety of future scenarios.
    2. Our Business Continuity documents were updated (as we do annually) to make sure there is a clear path should an unfortunate death or disability occur. “What happens to my accounts if something happens to you?” always has a clear answer.
    3. Increased regulation has forced us to be more selective on the type of client that we can work with. In response, we increased the asset level for all new clients.
    4. We sharpened up our Core, Internal Processes. Our Disaster Recovery, Client Onboarding, Client Review, and 401k Implementation processes were all updated. We look forward to seeing many of you this Tax Season. Have a great start to 2018!

Dennis, Rich & Shannon