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Dimensional’s 2018 analysis of US-based mutual funds shows that only a small percentage of funds have...
The collective knowledge of buyers and sellers helps investors harness the power of financial markets.
Dimensional Vice President Marlena Lee, PhD, explains how her research on replacement rates can help you prepare for a better retirement outcome.
Science has transformed every aspect of life—including investing. See how financial science has formed the foundation of Dimensional’s approach.
New research by Dimensional examines the decline in the number of US stocks over the last two decades and whether this has implications for the size, or small cap, premium.
Investors tend to overweight their equity portfolios with stocks from their home country market.
The right financial advisor can play a vital role in helping you tune out the media noise and focus on actions that can improve your investment outcome.
David Booth, CEO of Dimensional Fund Advisors talks Retirement, Risk, and Return