Our Team

    Our Team

    Dennis Doble and Rich LeBranti have been working as advisory partners since 2002 and founded DLFG in 2010. They work with businesses and families in several ways, helping them save on taxes, create an income stream for retirement, protect the family or business from an untimely death/disability, and create an appropriate investment plan. They differentiate themselves by communicating with their clients' other advisors, including CPAs, divorce attorneys, estate attorneys, mortgage brokers, and insurance brokers, to make sure that all professionals are working as one cohesive unit for the benefit of the client. Meet our advisors below and visit our Contact Us page to send us a message.

    Dennis Doble, CFP®

    Partner, Financial Advisor

    Dennis is an avid gardener, a trait inherited from his Italian grandfather.  Organic herbs, cucumbers, eggplants, spinach, lettuces and tomato varietals fill the backyard each summer.  The garden is a special place where he relaxes with his daughter and tracks the garden’s progress.  Gardening fits in well with his love of cooking and fishing.  He enjoys cooking up a saltwater striped bass or bluefish every so often.  You haven’t lived until you’ve tried Dennis’ ginger bluefish recipe. 

    In 2001, while working as an Associate in Goldman Sachs’ Commercial Lending department in New York, two things were pulling at Dennis: his desire to own his own business and to return to Boston.  After discovering an opportunity for an independent voice in financial advisory, Dennis decided make the return to Boston and start his own practice. But before he started on his new path, he drove to California and back, on a mission to visit as many ballparks as possible.  He completed his journey with the help of family and friends stationed across the US.  Chicago’s Wrigley Field and San Diego’s La Jolla were some of his favorite landing spots.  He regrets not making it to Pittsburgh’s PNC Park, which just opened at the time, and is a tremendous park by many accounts. 

    Dennis believes his experience in different industries, such as real estate and investment banking, provides a unique perspective into the variety of today’s investment opportunities. Dennis works closely with the client, their CPA, and their attorney on a variety of financial issues, tax minimization, tax-free investing, restricted stock/option planning, portfolio management, etc. He helps each client understand the benefits and drawbacks of the changes that he and other professional might suggest, while keeping a keen eye on the impact to the client’s overall financial plan.  Dennis advises clients in 15+ different states in this capacity.  He is Series 7 and 66 securities registered through Commonwealth Financial Network.

    Dennis is a Harvard University graduate and was a walk-on, starting catcher for the university’s baseball team.  Dennis’s coach at Harvard, Joe Walsh, a great friend and confidant, would joke about the admissions standards being extremely stringent during the years after Dennis’ graduation.  “Thank God you attended Harvard when you did because you would never get in today,” he would often remind Dennis (who agreed).  Dennis can proudly boast that he hit one off the Green Monster while playing in the Beanpot.  He will tell you the Wall took a home run away as the ball was still rising.  Others might tell you he was held to a single.  Dennis is also a member of Burlington High School’s Hall of Fame for his baseball and football pursuits.  

    Dennis and his wife Valerie are active in raising funds and awareness for the March of Dimes and their mission: Improving the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth, and infant mortality.  This is done in memory of their son Mason who is always in their thoughts.  They also support Big Brother/Big Sister as Valerie has been a Big Sister to an Arlington teen, Amanda, since 2007.   Dennis enjoys coaching baseball in his free time as well. He allocates some of his free time to a group of up-and-coming Belmont athletes.   Dennis grew up in Burlington and lives in Winchester with Valerie and their beautiful, happy, healthy daughter Shelby.   Shooting a round at par, spending a month at a Tuscan vineyard, and catching a 50-lb striped bass are all on Dennis’ bucket list.

    Rich LeBranti, CFP®

    Partner, Financial Advisor

    Rich heads the corporate retirement plan, risk management and client service departments for the firm. He has been advising clients since 2001 and received the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional designation in 2012. Before launching his investment advisory career, Rich worked as a consultant for OneCore Financial Network, assisting small businesses with their finance needs in regard to cash management, retirement planning and insurance.

    Rich is a 1998 graduate of Stonehill College where he graduated with a BS in Biology. On track for medical school, with a life-long dream of becoming a doctor and helping others, he realized in his Junior year at Stonehill after interning in the Cardiology unit at NEMC (now Tufts) and watching 2 open heart surgeries, that medicine did not suit him. While still having the desire to help people, he decided that financial planning would be a great profession to do so and thanks to a life mentor, who he still credits today with much of his success, had the chance to fulfill that desire of helping people and took the job at OneCore, working under his mentor, as the first stepping stone to building a financial planning practice.

    Rich is also a 1994 graduate of Malden Catholic(MC) High School. If you ask Rich why he has had the personal and professional success he has been blessed with, he will credit much of it to MC, along with his loving family support and good old-fashioned hard work. Rich is the Nominating Officer of the MC Alumni Association Board, which he helped to create. The group sponsors many annual events that help raise money for various scholarships that they award each year, as well as Toys for Tots, where Rich coordinates donating many toys from the group each year, and Habitat For Humanity, where Rich and Dennis along with MC students swing a hammer for a great cause. The group’s biggest and newest undertaking is a Mentor Program, something Rich holds dear to his heart, and almost 100 MC alums, along with Rich, have dedicated themselves to the group to be a resource for career advice, internships and a connection to a fellow MC alum who may have had a similar experience or share an interest in a specific industry or field of study.

    Rich is a life-long MA native and lives in Andover with his wife Nadine and 2 daughters Elisia (8) and Calia (6). When not in the office, Rich keeps busy taking Elisia to her weekly soccer practices and games, both girls to tumbling class and exploring some of their favorite places on the weekends: Castle Rock in Marblehead, MA, where Rich went often as a child, New York City, to enjoy picnics in Central Park and food at Eataly and Old Orchard Beach, ME where they are lucky enough to enjoy a family beach home and the arcades, rides and a huge candy store in the town center.

    The LeBranti Family Garden is always an annual highlight, where Rich, Nadine and the girls spend a great deal of time preparing the soil and planting vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans, red peppers, Italian eggplant, lettuce, herbs and much more. Nothing is better for them than picking a ripe tomato off a vine and eating it like an apple – Calia’s favorite thing to do and her favorite food. At season end, they pickle the remaining green tomatoes, cucumbers and green beans to be enjoyed all fall and winter. Rich also spends each January making his own homemade fresh and dry sausage – 750lbs total (and sometimes more!) that is shared among 5 families who work over 2 days to make an amazing finished product. Rich has also joined one of these families making home-made red wine, an art he hopes to master as he finds more time to enjoy the old country traditions and stay connected with his 100% Italian heritage. One notable item in regard to his heritage is that Rich’s paternal grandfather, Joseph LeBranti, was a candy maker and the inventor of Junior Mints.

    Music is another passion for the LeBranti’s. The family spends many evenings in their home gymnastics room, which is a formal living transformed into a “gym”, with bars, beams, rings, rollers and mats – where they often enjoy dance parties and routines by Elisia and Calia to some of their favorite music. They also spend time in the basement playing instruments and singing and dancing along to records that Rich plays for them – with 3000+ vinyl records to choose from in his collection!  When not at home enjoying music with the family, Rich spends time with his high school friends in their Cambridge, MA practice spot where he plays the Bass Guitar (“plays” is a loose term ) accompanied by drums and keyboards by his musical counterparts. Dancing is also a passion, and Rich and Nadine enjoy nights out on the town often following some of their favorite DJs and bands who play the soul, disco and R&B they love cutting a rug to.

    Shannon Rein Trask

    Client Service Assistant

    Although Shannon loves a fresh-cooked meal and night on the couch watching a movie with her family, Shannon Rein Trask is far from a homebody. Shannon is always on the go with her three teenagers, Kyle, Brady, and Kali. Singing, basketball, baseball, skiing, tennis, lacrosse and gymnastics are just a few of the activities that her children are devoted to. Shannon is very passionate about health and wellness herself and enjoys yoga, Barre, Pilates, and Taekwondo where she has obtained her black belt.

    Shannon was born and raised in Beverly, and still lives there today with her husband of twenty years, Gary, also a lifelong resident of the Garden City. They both enjoy traveling to new places. Some of their favorite destinations are Kauai, Hawaii, Wine Country in California and Aruba, One Happy Island. They also enjoy packing the car for a sunset dinner at the beach or for a ski trip to the mountains with their family and friends.

    Shannon earned a Bachelor of Science degree at Fitchburg State University and started her professional career working in the booming high tech industry during the late 1990s as a systems engineer and technical marketing specialist for start-up software companies. As she and her husband started a family, Shannon launched her own photo greeting card and gift basket business Kali Kards, named after her daughter. She then worked in the wellness industry as an independent consultant promoting Arbonne and Zrii products lines and became very active with North Shore Women in Business.

    Before joining Doble LeBranti Financial Group, Shannon worked at a GE-affiliate as an Agency and Customer Relationship Specialist and earned her Property and Casualty Insurance license while there.