Our Process



    Our process is grounded in communication.  
    We have found that communication is one of the most important things in a successful client/advisor relationship and we "listen" to our clients to best help them achieve their goals. From the moment you step into our office at the initial appointment, we work toward getting to know everything about you and your goals.  What are your goals?  What does the perfect retirement look like?  How do you save funds for retirement?  When you think about money, what concerns you most?  What charitable organizations are you most passionate about?  Of course, information about us and our philosophy are discussed as well, and all of your questions are answered.  There is no fee for this initial consultation.  If you are a strong fit for our culture and you feel like you want to dig deeper into some general recommendations and pursue working with us, a second meeting is scheduled.  Here, we discuss an overall plan that addresses your goals, some general investment observations and the next steps to becoming a client. 


    If you decide to join the firm, the communication continues.  At review appointments, which occur at least annually, we constantly educate our clients about short-term volatility and the long-term opportunities in the investment markets.  We focus on your plan and adjust assets, as appropriate, according to that plan.  During tough times in the cycle, this helps clients stay invested and enjoy the benefits of a long-term perspective.  Many clients cite this educational factor as the reason they stayed invested in 2002 and 2008.  We continue to ask questions like- Has anything changed with your estate plan?  Is your mortgage rate still competitive?  What can we do to minimize taxes?  Has anything changed with your retirement timetable? - so that we can adjust the plan and the investments as necessary.  


    Our communication is broadened by sharing important information via a quarterly e-newsletter, via Facebook (social posts mostly) and via LinkedIn (important business articles of interest to our clients). Clients are also frequently invited to join us at company sponsored events, such as a Fenway Tour or an Aquarium Day, at charitable events, such as a Habitat for Humanity Day, or socially at the Annual Open House or Bergamot Brunch. Please visit the Our Community page for a list of recent events.  We feel it is important to engage clients both professionally and socially.  When these two areas are engaged, communication is amplified and we are allowed to be an even greater resource to our clients.  In the end, we strive to work jointly with our clients and their other professional advisors (CPAs, attorneys, etc.) as a cohesive unit throughout their entire life, and wow them with our level of service by delivering a first-class client experience.