Our Individual Clients

    Our primary goal is to cultivate an exceptional client experience and wow each and every client.  We welcome the opportunity to help those in need of advice from a seasoned professional and believe that our client-first philosophy differentiates us from the rest of the field. Our personal clients tend to be financially conservative, passionate about their work and others, and involved in many different facets of their community. A large majority of our personal clients are:

    Individuals & Families Building for Retirement (and other goals)

    Individuals and families have a variety of financial planning needs, including college planning, retirement planning, asset allocation, asset protection, tax minimization and tax diversification.  Our process addresses all their unique goals, both long- and short-term. 

    Many of these clients range from ages 40-60 and work in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry and have concentrated stock, option, and RSU positions granted by their Employer. 

    Retirees In Need Of An Income Plan

    Gone are the days of buying CDs and living off the interest in retirement.  The transition to this "distribution" stage requires a deep understanding of life expectancy, risk, time horizon and taxes.  We address all of these with our bucket planning distribution approach to help minimize risks that can cause even the best portfolio to get prematurely depleted. 

    Many of these clients range from ages 60-80 and are introduced to our firm 3-5 years before they retire.

    Women Head of Households (“WHH”) Concerned About the Future

    We have witnessed the challenges that Women Head of Households (“WHH”) face on a financial level.  Some of these clients have been widowed or divorced and experienced some personal turmoil in the recent past. Others are C-level executives with slightly different concerns, such as how to effectively support one’s parents in retirement, as an example. We have helped many of them develop a deep understanding of their expenses, budget, expectations and overall income plan.  Knowing the planning and emotional obstacles that are unique to these clients allows us to serve as both a resource and a trusted confidant. 

    WHH range from age 50-75 and our introduced primarily to our practice by their CPA and/or divorce attorney.